Jet Black #1 BLACK 

#1 is for those with Jet Black dyed hair.



#1B is a Natural Black which has micro tones of #2 (Dark Brown). 

Dark Brown #2 DARK BROWN 

#2 is for those with Dark Brown hair & is a standard block hair colour. It is incredibly rich & the shine when it reflects from the sun is truly astonishing.

Chocolate Brown #4 MEDIUM BROWN 

#2 is a natural medium brown/chocolate & suits most brunettes who have natural brown hair. It is a natural brown colour. It is two shades lighter than the dark brown shade.

Natural Auburn #33 AUBURN

#33 is a natural auburn shade reflecting most natural auburn hair. It can be coloured to make it brighter and more intense red.

Golden Blonde #18 GOLDEN BLONDE 

#18 is for our natural blondes who have golden blonde hair. This colour works well with dark blonde hair. It also can be toned. You can add a root with hair colour sprays for a seamless blend at the root. 

Platinum Blonde #1001 ULTRA BLONDE

#1001 is similar to colour 60. It has hints of ash and is a pale blonde. This colour can be toned brighter, darker, and rooted.


#2/6 is a multi tonal balayage colour which is rooted from the top in a rich dark brown with dark brown highlights through out to give flares of colour throughout.

Chocolate Mix #4/18 CHOCOLATE FUSION

#4/18 is every curly girls dream! Idyllic, seamless and a sun kissed, fusion of colours throughout to create dimension & movement throughout the hair.

Honey Mix #8/27 HONEY NECTAR

#8/27 is a seamless blend of honey and dark blonde combined. Thick highlights to create bold pops of colour. Summer is calling with this bronzed hair colour!

Mix Contrast #4/613 SIENNA CREAM

#4/613 is a juxtaposition of two colours at the end of each spectrum, giving total contrast and bold colours.

Highlight Mix #24/613 NATURAL HIGHLIGHTS

#24/613 is a blended mix of two shades of blonde to create a natural look. If you have highlights and warm lowlights. This shade will be perfect for you rather than having one shade of blonde.