Frequently Asked Questions

How long will MANE LONDON last for?

MANE LONDON extensions can last from 3 months up until 12 months depending on the care of the extensions. The less they are washed will keep the integrity of the hair as it does not have natural oils from the scalp nourishing it.

Where does MANE LONDON come from?

We source hair from Asia, Brazil & Malaysia in which Asia contains the thickest cuticle in the world. Asian hair also grows at a rapid speed of 15.3cm a year which means the hair used is recent and not old hair which has sustained damage. The hair diameter is twice the size of Caucasian & other hair types. This makes the hair versatile for styling.

How many grams do I need?

Depending on the thickness of the individual, we offer 150g & 300g in our clip in ranges. We recommend if you have thin to medium hair and are looking for just thickness and slight length, 150g will be perfect. 300g is ideal for customers looking for extra thickness and length.

Most customers find 150g to be ideal.

The 150g set contains 7 pieces

The 300g set contains 14 pieces

Can I colour MANE LONDON Hair?

The extensions can be toned & dyed as they are 100% Human Hair.

We however do not recommend this as the extensions have been chemically processed to achieve the curl pattern.

Bleaching is highly not recommended as any hair bleached multiple times will suffer from damage. We offer shade #18 Dark Blonde, so you should not need to bleach MANE LONDON.

Should your extensions you have bought are not the right shade, please get in contact at to exchange for the correct shade.

Dyeing the extensions is at your own discretion and we do not hold responsibility for the hair if it becomes compromised.

Is MANE LONDON 100% Human Hair?

Yes! Our hair is sourced ethically and is fair trade meaning the price paid for the hair on the donors in Asia are paid a fair price for the hair in exchange.

Can I wash my hair?

Absolutely you can wash your hair, if you have not already purchased our own Vegan Extension Shampoo designed to keep your extensions shiny & healthy. Although if you do not want to use our shampoo & conditioner, we recommend a shampoo without sulphates and designed for curly hair.

Like your own hair the shampoo should only be put near the root rather than on all of the hair.

Can I curl, straighten my hair?

Should you need to curl or straighten the hair, this is possible but we recommend blowdrying if you are straightening first.

If you are using a heat protectant, you must make sure to blow-dry it in or leave it to dry before putting heat on it.

Can you help me colour match?

Yes! Please send a picture in natural daylight of your hair with three views, the front, side & back.

Please do not send selfies as we are unable to obtain the colours of your hair from filters & lack of visibility.

How do you style MANE LONDON?

Please click here to see our styling tips and tricks. Follow us on Instagram to see our posts & videos of how to care and style for your extensions. We also post regularly on our Youtube channel with how to videos & how to care for your extensions.

How do I become an affiliate for MANE LONDON?

Please click here to head to the affiliate page. On the affiliate page, you will find out more information of how to sign up, be accepted & start receiving commission for every item sold from MANE LONDON!

Our current criteria are that you either have a small to big following on either:



Tik Tok

We are looking for our affiliates to have good interactions with their followers. You don’t need to have thousands of likes/followers to achieve good interaction.