What Extensions do Celebrities Wear?

Celebrities are always in the spotlight and they have to look their best at all times. One way that celebrities can enhance their appearance is by using hair extensions. There are many different types of hair extensions that can be used by celebrities, but there are some common ones that most people know about. These include human hair extensions, synthetic extensions, and clip-on

Human Hair Extensions are the most common type of extension used by celebrities because they offer a natural look with no maintenance needed. They come in a variety of colours and lengths. 
Throwback: Backstage with Destiny's Child in the Summer of 2001 | Vanity  FairPopular questions are what brands they use, with Zendaya's Hair Extensions of choice being Kim Kimble who is a celebrity hairdresser to Beyoncé, Mary J Blige, Rihanna. When celebrities are on stage, they tend to have their extensions sewn in which is known as a weave. Other celebrities like Mariah Carey prefer Clip Ins as her live shows tend to not consist of intense dancing, whereas Beyoncé would need to have hers securely attached. 

Celebrity clip-in hair extensions are a great choice for regular who want to wear them on a regular basis or for special occasions. Clip-in hair extensions are very popular among celebrities because they are very easy to use – attaching and removing them only takes a few minutes. And for ordinary people who want to wear them daily or on a special occasion, it's great because it doesn't require a trip to the hair salon. You can simply clip them in, and there you have it: the new you!


Image Credits: Vanity Affair & behindthechair.com

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  • Charlie


    January 30, 2023

    I am a hairdresser and I can say keratin bonded extensions are not good for curly hair as they create too much tension. With curly hair it is best sticking to wefts.

  • Shan


    January 30, 2023

    Would keratin extensions be good for curly hair? I have always had weave but never tried i tip before or maybe just get clip ins?

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