Meet Sophie Kasaei

Meet Sophie Kasaei

Growing up from a middle eastern background, I always knew my hair wasn’t like the other kids in school. Curly, thick, dark with a completely different texture. I didn’t realise how beautiful it was to be different until I got older.

Over the years I have majorly damaged my hair using heat tools and caused tension from placing straight hair extensions into my natural curly hair.It wasn’t until I grew up, I realised natural is better and my hair needs more TLC. Through the pandemic I stripped all my previous extensions and I saw how amazing and blessed I am to have hair so beautiful.

I wanted to embrace more of my natural beauty but also enhance that. And that is where I came up with the idea to release my own brand of curly hair extensions to give my fellow natural curly hair girls a chance to embrace and show off who we really are.

Providing thickness and length and beauty. I want everyone to feel confident wearing their own hair so no matter your texture, colour or length.

MANE London is for you! Love to all you sexy queens! Sophie K x