Step by Step Guide of How to Wash Curly Clip in Hair Extensions


TIP #1 Detangling Using your Mane London® Signature Wide Tooth Comb Start on the ends of the hair, working your way up to the mids and roots, gently detangling your curly hair extensions. If you don’t have a Wide Tooth Comb - then you can use your fingers and run them through your extensions, detangling them and separating the curls. Using a brush will cause the hair to become frizzy and cause shedding.

TIP #2 Washing The less washing of your extensions, the better. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and use two pumps of shampoo in the water and mix the water to dissolve your Mane London® Shampoo. Place each weft of extensions in the water individually. Then run your hands through the extensions gently to avoid tangling. Once all the wefts have been wet with the shampoo and are detangled - you should then wash out the shampoo using fresh lukewarm water and remove the previous water used.

TIP #3 Now use your Mane London® Conditioner or any of your favourite deep conditioning conditioners and run your hands through each weft, avoiding the clips (as this can loosen them). Now take your Detangling Wide Tooth Comb and start from the ends to the mids and roots and comb through the conditioner making sure they are thoroughly detangled. Once done, you will see the curl pat tern revert back to its curly form. Once each weft is thoroughly saturated with conditioner and detangled, leave them for a minimum of 10 minutes but up to an hour to give them the nourishment and nutrients they require. After this final step is done - wash the conditioner from the extensions using lukewarm water. To conclude & seal the cuticle of the hair - rinse with cold water.


TIP #4 Styling & Drying Whilst your extensions are still wet – place a towel over the extensions and pat them dry using towel (microfibre being the best to reduce frizz). Try to not dishevel the extensions by being gentle, keeping the curl intact. Next you can apply products such as water-soluble gel, curl defining creme, (avoid mouses as this cause build up and will require you to wash more regularly.) Follow your normal routine of aftercare for your natural hair which may be hair butters or leave ins. You may want to detangle your extensions again to get the curl looking the way you desire. Optionally you can use curling rods, flexi rods or twist with your fingers to change the curl. If you want to keep the curl pattern which comes as standard - place the weft in one hand and in the other hand - scrunch & squeeze the extensions. Once done - lay out all of the extensions on a flat surface for them to air-dry. Defusing is also an option that you can do, depending on your preference, but the best results will be air-drying and the curl will be more defined and have less frizz.  

TIP #5 Sleeping & Storing When sleeping, we always recommend you take your extensions out and store them correctly using your Mane London® Hanger which will ensure the curls are not confined and dismantled in a wardrobe or draw.  

Hair Extension Hanger

TIP #6 Heated Tools We do not recommend you use Hot Tool Appliances as the hair extensions have undergone processing to achieve the curl. If you find that you need to curl the extensions, we recommend the lowest temperature possible on your appliance. As they are curly extensions, we however do not recommend them to be straightened - this can potentially cause the curl to become loose.

TIP #7 Hydration Using your Mane London® Spray Bottle throughout the day if you want to refresh your curls is ideal as it has a fine continuous mist to coat all of the hair. You can also put a liquid conditioner in the spray bottle to saturate your hair extensions throughout the day.

Leave In Conditioner

TIP #8 Colouring Our extensions are 100% Human Hair and can be dyed. We however, do not recommend this due to the process the extensions have previously gone to achieve the style. Hair extensions cannot be bleached.


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